About us


We are a company of commitments, as we are involved from the begining of the processes of our clients. Our main objective is an integral treatment of medical services in addition to qualified professional throughout the world.

Our collaboration agreements in all five continents makes Innova Doctors a well rounded company.

We have focused on developing solid team work, well integrated and capable of achieving balace, according to the experience and knowledge that puts us in the forefront as service providers.

Our multilingual staff is able to swiftly resolve any kind of intervention and provision of medical services in different parts of the world. Our linguistic capacity allows us to reach medical centers and intrincate places, which would typically be impossible to deal with. The communication department in the call center area is active 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year: time is never interrupted and it contributes our clients to always feel supported. Getting recognized permanently on the health area, cost management and administrative processes, which leads into daily improvement.

Our international expansion never stops; we are always looking to increase continue improving our provider's network, medical allies, contacts and becoming more solid.



Be permanently recognized in the health sector, cost management and administrative processes leads us to continue improving daily.


Our international expansion never ends. We are always looking to grow and continue to improve our network, our medical partners, our contacts and become stronger.

The Call Center is available 24 hours 365 days a year: time is not interrupted and that helps our customers feel always supported.